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Linear Mega Code 1-channel Plug-in Gate or Garage Door Receiver

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  •  A learn mode dramatically simplifies programming to just a button press.

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Product Description


  • The MDR/U 1-channel Plug-in Receiver is a versatile (universal) receiver that makes it very easy to equip nearly any garage door operator for use with Linear’s popular MegaCode format transmitters.
  • MegaCode uses a frequency of 318 MHz and features over one million radio codes to all but eliminate any possibility of code duplication.
  • It offers simplified programming via the receiver’s learn mode.
  • Previously, when installers wanted to add MegaCode capability to a garage door operator that did not come already outfitted with a MegaCode receiver, they had to use Linear’s MDR receiver in combination with a power transformer.
  • The MDR/U replaces the MDR and plugs directly into any electrical outlet. All that is required is running a single two-conductor wire from the MDR/U to the operator’s push-button input.
  • The MDR/U has one normally open contact output. It can be used to send a remote control signal from up to 10 MegaCode transmitters.


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