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Linear Mega Code Gate Safety Edge Transmitter

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The MGT transmitter is supplied in a weather-resistant, fiberglass box. Its circuit board is coated to prevent moisture damage. The enclosure mounts to the gate, door, or barrier arm through sealed interior mounting screws.

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Product Description

  • The Model MGT Gate Safety Edge Transmitter is for adding fully supervised obstacle sensing for motorized gates, doors or barrier arms in a Linear access control system.
  • The transmitter mounts directly on the gate, door, or barrier and wires to a standard exterior safety edge sensor (for full featured compatibility, a Miller gate edge sensor with an optional .001 uF capacitor is recommended). If an object is hit during the gate closing, the sensor will present a closed circuit across the connecting wires and the MGT will transmit a message to the access controller to reverse the movement of the gate.
  • The MGT is compatible with AE-500, AE1000Plus, AE2000Plus, and AP-5 commercial telephone entry and access controllers.
  • It is also compatible with RE-1 and RE-2 residential telephone entry systems.
  • The MGT is the industry‚Äôs only fully supervised gate safety edge transmitter.
  • It automatically sends an hourly status report to the access controller, indicating battery condition and if the transmitter is operational.
  • Should the edge sensor be disconnected, shorted, or tampered with, the MGT will report a trouble condition.



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