Sears Craftsman Garage Door Opener Circuit Board


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  • Your circuit board housing may not match the one in the picture. If your housing has “41a5021-3E” printed on it, this circuit board (new # 41a5021-1I) is the correct replacement.
  • If your housing does not match the one picture, make sure you keep your old housing because you may need to remove and mount the actual “circuit board” from the new housing to the old housing.
  • See Sears Craftsman Transmitter Compatibility Chart for complete list of Sears Craftsman compatible Logic Boards.

  • Works with Sears Craftsman Models 139.53961, 139.53961SRT, 139.53974, 139.53974SRT, 139.53976, 139.53976SRT, 139.53977SRT, 139.53978, 139.53978SRT, 139.53978SRT1


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