SkyLink Smart ButtonTM with Keyless Entry System



  • One Step Installation – Simply replaces or parallels your traditional wall button with Smart ButtonTM.
  • Rolling Code Technology.
  • Smart ButtonTM receives signal from remote control and opens / closes garage door.
  • Smart ButtonTM works with up to 15 remote controls, additional remote controls can be purchased separately.
  • Long life Lithium batteries included.
  • Personal access codes for maximum security.
  • Backlit keypad.
  • Short beep when buttons are pressed.
  • ABS UV plastic case.
  • Weather resistant design.
  • After connecting this NEW Remote Control to your wall button, your existing remote control will still work with this connection.
  • FCC / IC approved.
  • One year warranty.

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Completely NEW patented technology featuring the amazing Smart ButtonTM:

1) Compatible with most Garage Door Opener.
2) Easy installation – “ONE STEP” INSTALLATION.
3) No batteries or AC outlet required.


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