Pulsar Gate and Garage Door Opener Remote Transmitter


  • 8833CT – 318 Mhz nine channel transmitter
  • Replaces Pulsar, Allister, Allstar, and Heddolf transmitters
  • This remote is compatible with the following models: 833C, 833CT, 8833C, 8833CT, ADX8833CT, PDX8833CT

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  • It has three buttons and an ABC switch so that you can have nine different channels programmed for operations. This is compatible with the “open , close , stop” models even with “open, close, stop” not being printed above the three buttons. This remotes ships with a new 9 volt battery and visor clip. The battery cover is easily removable and that is where you will find the “dip switches”. They are used for programming.
  • The Pulsar 8833CT will have 8 dip switches inside, each of which has 3 settings (+0-). You will match these switches to the ones on the receiver (located on the machine hanging from the ceiling). It is easier to match the 8 dip switches in the new transmitter remote to the ones in your old/existing remote. Matching the dip switches is what enables the new remote to work on your gate or garage door operator. Instructions are included. There is no limit to the number of remotes you can use on a dip switch unit.



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