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Raynor Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal


It has a 0.3125 inch “T” so it will fit that style of retainer.
Its width is 3.75 inches.
It is available in rolls from eight inches to 18 inches, as well as a 200 inch roll.
It will conform to uneven floors with a one inch compression.
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  • Garage Door Parts Mart has the Raynor Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal For Raynor garage door models Classic, Decade II, ShowCase, Masterpiece, Centura and Affina. Easy to install, this weather seal can help keep the elements and pests out of your garage while keeping the heat in. Your garage is an important part of your property and while many use it just to store their vehicle, others treat the garage as a workroom or hang-out area. Ensure your garage is properly insulated with this sturdy, black Vinyl synthetic rubber seal. Other facts about this seal are:
  • It can handle temperatures as low as minus-65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The seal is tight and bolstered by contact.



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